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 As a professional Painter, I offer a variety of painting services combining the skills of the fine artist with the craftsmanship of an interior decorative painter. Paint, Brushes, and Imagination are the basic tools. Individuality, Uniqueness and Beauty are always the final product.
From beginning to end each project is always a collaboration between all parties concerned. Whether it’s working with the interior designer, the client and maybe some family members thrown in, I feel very comfortable with the idea of collaboration. My work has given me a front row seat for many years at seeing the differences in aesthetic taste. It has become very important to me to discover and work with the individuality of each client or designer. I have had my own artistic and aesthetic boundaries stretched and expanded by being open to the inclinations of others. I am thankful !

Harmony is at the top of my list of aesthetic concerns as a faux painter. Murals need to look like they belong there. Faux finishing and decorative elements should feel like they grew out of the environment. There is always something to harmonize with. Each element of decorative design is a note in the symphony of the home.

 There is always a natural human tendency to do way too much. Sensing out the balance between the polarities of “way too much" and “ not enough” is a very delicate facet of the decorative painting arts and very important to me.
Serving Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland & New Jersey
    For Over 30 Years I have been working with clients and interior designers  in homes, businesses and schools. Starting out as a sign painter with many fine art projects completed I quickly moved into a long lasting career, "Decorative Painting" that to this day I find deeply satisfying and rewarding!
Brian T Phillips
The Fine Art of Decorative Painting

I Love to Paint